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acupuncture clinic
Qualicum Beach Acupuncture

Sessions with me are unique and effective: I only treat ONE person per hour, modalities I uses in session include: acupuncture, fire cupping and massage techniques, use a red light therapy lamp as well as give nutritional recommendations if needed.


Initial Treatment; $140

Subsequent: $130

I do direct billing to most extended health providers. (except WorkSafe and MSP)

Acupuncture is an effective method of healthcare and focuses on treating the root cause of your health problems.

Session Description

Acupuncture sessions with me are about 45-50 minutes long which allows time for assessment, evaluation and treatment as I try to gain a deep understanding of your health issues, lifestyle and eating patterns.  As a practitioner,  I value every minute with you during the session and only treat one patient per hour. 


In a typical acupuncture session, I will employ several diagnostic tools to determine what is out of balance. This begins with questioning you about your various signs and symptoms, previous medical history, and course of illness. Next is a physical inspection of your face, body, posture, and in particular the tongue and it's coating. I will also palpate various body areas, and the pulse at both wrists if needed.


The acupuncture needles I use are extremely thin, and their insertion is virtually painless. Some needling sites will produce very little sensation, and you may not even know the needles are in place. Other sites may produce a sensation of tingling, electricity, heat, cold, heaviness, or an achy sensation. I also use massage techniques and cupping during the treatment as well to promote blood and lymph fluid circulation.


The vast majority of people find acupuncture to be extremely relaxing, and many will even fall asleep during treatment.

I also use massage and cupping therapy in the session to enhance the effects.


Many things happen when you insert a needle into the skin:

  1. It creates a micro-trauma that stimulates the activity of immune cells that control inflammation.

  2. Sends a signal through the nervous system to the brain: chemicals such as endorphins, norepinephrine and enkephalin are then released. Some of these substances are 10-200 times more potent than morphine!

  3. Helps stimulate blood flow: Restoring proper blood flow is vital to healing and maintenance of health.

  4. Regulates nitric oxide levels: Increased nitric oxide (NO) synthase activity has been found in acupuncture points. Acupuncture increases the nitric oxide level in treated regions and helps increase local circulation and decrease inflammation and pain.


​How many sessions you will need is based on the ailment. I usually recommend at least 3-5 sessions to correct imbalances. Although relief is usually felt after the first or second session.


Qualicum Integrated Health Clinic

Location: Unit #3- 175 Second Ave W

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